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Kayaking 101

These links are provided through American Canoe Association (ACA) and are an excellent resource for getting the most out of your paddling experience through information and training. At Dagger we also share the same goals that emphasize respect for...



Day #2 of the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games in vail Colorado went down in usual epic nature. Sports like Bouldering, slack lining, dog jumping, fly fishing, slope style Mt Biking, and freestyle kayaking all saw some amazing competitions. Team Daggers...


A brand born in whitewater, Dagger carries aggressive performance inspiration from the mountains to the sea. For eyes seeking far off possibility, performance touring offers an exciting world of weekend adventures, shoreline exploration and flat...


Outdoor Nation, a national initiative that reconnects millennials to the outdoors; top paddle-sport manufacturers, retailers and stakeholders; Outdoor Retailer; and the National Park Service announced the opening of the 2014 Paddle Nation Grants...


This may not apply to certain older models, but generally speaking, you should be able to determine the model year from the serial number. Typically, the number is scribed into the kayak...right side...close to the stern. The last 4 digits of the...