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You’ve come to expect the highest level of performance and quality from your Dagger kayak and your paddling accessories should be no different.

Whether you are taking on epic multi-day expeditions, running Class V, or just looking to explore your local river, our friends at Adventure Technology and Harmony Gear are dedicated to providing you the innovation, quality, and variety you need to make the most out of your paddling experience.

Spray Skirts

Every Dagger sit-inside model, from the Jitsu to the Zydeco, has a cockpit rim. For intermediate and experienced kayakers, a sprayskirt can add performance and keep the water out of the boat. For whitewater kayakers, a bombproof skirt is a neccesity. Harmony Gear make quality reliable sprayskirts and covers for all our Dagger models, click here to find the right Harmony sprayskirt or cover for your model.


At Dagger, we pride ourselves in making the strongest, safest outfitting in kayaking. If you need to get a replacement piece, your local dealer can provide Harmony Gear parts.


Evolving from the legacy of our innovative whitewater line, Adventure Technology touring paddles redefine performance expectations with more power, strength and stability in lightweight, comfortable and balanced designs. With a wide range of paddles to outfit both aspirational and progressive paddlers in a variety of water types, you can count on Adventure Technology paddles to power your passion wherever it may lead you.

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