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Dagger athletes Aniol Serrasoles, Todd Wells, Galen Volkhausen, and Iker Van Dusen competed, and Aniol took third in the waterfall competition. It was a great showing by the world's best kayakers. Todd Wells shot some amazing video, here: Faces of...


By: Andrew Holcombe I am truly honored to be able to write my impressions of the soon to be available Dagger Jitsu, our newest freestyle project! It's been a little while I know but that wait will be well worth it. This boat has the full force of the Dagger design team...

Kayaking 101

When choosing the correct kayak, there are many factors to consider. We recommend visiting your local Dagger dealer to assist in this decision. The information provided here will help you understand our product line and steer you in the right...



By: Tyler Bradt My Fall paddling has been held close to home as I am preparing for a major expedition but what I found is that through my gallivanting around the world I have overlooked some gems lying right in my backyard. Here are a few of the rivers I was lucky...


By: Brad Ludden Finally kayaking is getting the recognition it deserves as is a great organization, First Descents. Check it! People Feature If you know someone between 18-39 with cancer, please tell them about the free adventure at First Descents . If you're...


Over 50 women met to paddle the Upper Green, and 24 continued down the Class V Green Narrows section. A raffle was held, in which over $650 was raised for the Shannon Christy Fund, a fund dedicated to getting more women into paddlesports. It was an...


Team Dagger athlete Tom Janney just completed an epic multi-day mission to Fantasy Falls in California. Check out the video here: The Next Horizon Line: Fantasy falls from Tom Janney on Vimeo . For more info, check out Tom on the Dagger blog.