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Dagger athletes Aniol Serrasoles, Todd Wells, Galen Volkhausen, and Iker Van Dusen competed, and Aniol took third in the waterfall competition. It was a great showing by the world's best kayakers. Todd Wells shot some amazing video, here: Faces of...


By: Andrew Holcombe I am truly honored to be able to write my impressions of the soon to be available Dagger Jitsu, our newest freestyle project! It's been a little while I know but that wait will be well worth it. This boat has the full force of the Dagger design team...

Kayaking 101

When choosing the correct kayak, there are many factors to consider. We recommend visiting your local Dagger dealer to assist in this decision. The information provided here will help you understand our product line and steer you in the right...



By: Tyler Bradt Our destination was Mexico. This mission was to be a little different than most. Instead of plugging off big waterfalls we we're attempting to do a seldom done crossing of the Sea of Cortez then continue descending a 300 mile long remote section of...


James "Pringle" Bebbington gives us a glimpse into his rigorous training regimen and offers some valuable kayaking insight. It doesn't hurt that this video is gorgeous, either. Enjoy.


Here is episode 10 of Dagger paddler Tyler Bradt's Wizard's Eye Expedition. This episode chronicles their journey through the Society Islands, showing them surfing crystal clear waves, swimming with whales, accomplishing the first ever sailboat base...


By: Brendan Wells Plus, it had all of the extra features to make it the perfect boat for long over-nighters on rivers and even to explore the San Juan Islands outside my back door in Bellingham, WA. With a drop-down skag and convenient back hatch, I feel confident...