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Kayaking 101

These links are provided through American Canoe Association (ACA) and are an excellent resource for getting the most out of your paddling experience through information and training. At Dagger we also share the same goals that emphasize respect for...



This remote, committing river features Class V and VI rapids and inescapable slot canyons and gorges. Here is the first part of this amazing journey Leg Two, Ep. 11 from Wizard's Eye on Vimeo .


You can now catch Tyler Bradt and his crew every Wednesday morning on Outside TV in their Wizard's Eye series. This group values the journey of adventure. They show this by traveling the globe while filming their experiences with eclectic cultures,...


Outside the box? For you, there is no box. Your tastes for outdoor adventure change like the wind and you wouldn't want it any other way. Take it to the water with a kayak that performs in them all. Relax on the lake, cruise the winding river, or...


By: Anna Levesque Because we put all of our beginners in the original Mamba I was nervous about the new design and whether it would be just as good. Now that I’ve had the chance to paddle and teach in the new Mamba this season I am a convert! The new series featuring...