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Why did Dagger switch from 3" foam bulkheads to 2" Synergy® foam?

 Advantages of 2” Thick Synergy® Foam:
  • Polyethylene foam is 100% recyclable.
  • Unlike cross-linked foams, the Synergy® foam does not out gas, which results in fewer bubbles in the sealant.
  • Bulkheads are cut on a water jet machining system resulting in accurate, consistent shapes based on CAD data.
  • Two ½” deep routed slots on the hatch side of the bulkhead allow the foam to be compressed in place resulting in a tight fit between the hull and bulkhead.
  • ¼” beveled edge on both sides of the bulkhead create more surface area for the sealant to bond with the foam and hull.
  • 75 bulkheads were pull tested with the results showing a 38% increase in pull strength over the existing 3” cross-linked foam
  • After a mere 4 days of cure time, a sample boat was paddled in off-shore conditions and car topped for over 1,000 miles with no signs of separation in the sealant.