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The Next Horizon Line tour begins

Posted: 05.10.2014 by Tom Janney

My Brother Jim and I hatched a plan last year while hiking into the middle kings to take a leave from work and travel to the places we have always wanted to paddle. I was so excited this spring to team up with Dagger as our primary sponsor of our amazing trip. We are planning to paddle in the Western US and Canada for the summer then head to Peru and Nepal in the fall and early winter.

The trip stated with a bang and Jim and I drove from Colorado through the night after my last day of work to meet with Rolf Kelly and Jared Johnson the paddle Dinkey Creek.  We didn't put on until 5:30pm but we knew the run well and were able to make it to camp by 7:30, the next day was a great reminder of why we came to California big clean whitewater with amazing weather.

Next we headed south to three rivers, fellow Team Dagger paddler Darin Mcquoid has been showing us his local runs, have been able to get on 4 different stretches of river that have all been amazing.  The highlight has been the upper middle fork that has only seen a few descents last being Darin and Ben Stooksberry and few years back.  The river contains great whitewater in an tight gorge, we had a great day with smiles on all our faces.  

Thanks again to Dagger for the support on our dream project.  Enjoy the pics below and keep and eye out for video of these runs.

Darin Finishing off a super gorged out rapid

Me Dropping into "Rusty's Rampage", there is an eddy at the bottom left that took me 5 attempts to make it out

For more pictures and more details head over to our blog.