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Graves Creek

Posted: 07.23.2012 by Tyler Bradt

Graves Creek

One of the best creeks in Montana this only gets run by a few groups every year. This year I teamed up with my long time friend Jonny Meyers to go harvest some Montana goods that neither of us had paddled before this year.

Jonny and I dropping through Cali Slide into the crux of the run.

Graves Creek was pioneered by James Byrd a few years back. Like most montana creeks it takes, patience and a lot of hard work with a chain saw to clean things out. This run was littered with the sawed off remnants of logs James had cleared out years prior making all this possible.

Portaging with bear spray in hand. Graves is deep in Griz country!

Jonny dropping into the Stout Crack!

A scenic representation of how epic this creek is!