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Warranty Alert

Posted: 04.24.2015

Warranty alert for Roam and Alchemy owners

We are experiencing some failures with our new 2015 Slidelock XL, Keepers XL, and related Course Control Rudder Footbrace systems. With these systems the foot pad, adjustment wand, or pivot carriage may deform or break if a heavy load/impact is placed on the outside portion of the footpad.  This impacts some of the following 2015 models (see list of serial numbers below to determine if your boat is effected):

  • Alchemy
  • Roam

The above product, if in your possession, should be stored pending footbrace conversion.

You will need a new Rudder Kit if you have any of the models listed above that have a serial number ending with: 

  • I415
  • J415
  • K415
  • L415
  • A515
  • B515
  • C515
  • D515

How to Find Your Serial Number:  In order to determine the model year of your specific kayak, you will need to know the full serial number of your kayak. To find your serial number, click here or call our Customer Service team at 888-525-2925.

How to Obtain Your New Rudder Kit:  Please contact your authorized Confluence retailer or Confluence’s Customer Service team (888-525-2925) with the model and serial number, to obtain the necessary repair kits. Kits will be available on or before May 8, 2015 and will include written instruction referencing an online tutorial. If you are unsure of the model year, please reference the footbrace images below.   

We appreciate your attention and apologize for the inconvenience.