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Andrew Holcombe


About Me:

I'm currently the Director of the French Broad River Academy for Boys, an adventure middle school that is based in Asheville, NC.  I've really enjoyed the transition to education over the last couple of  years.  It's allowed me to work on contributing and making a difference in the world as well as working to help young men develop their passions

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By: Andrew Holcombe I am truly honored to be able to write my impressions of the soon to be available Dagger Jitsu, our newest freestyle project! It's been a little while I know but that wait will be well worth it. This boat has the full force of the Dagger design team...

By: Andrew Holcombe The Pacuare has a long history of kayaking and rafting in Costa Rica with some of the first companies setting up operations in the early 80's. After spending several days running all the sections I can see why. First off the Pacuare has an amazing...

By: Andrew Holcombe After all snow, sleet, winter mix, or rain when its 35 degrees don't really scream "let's go get wet". However if I can get past that some of the best days I've had on the river have been in the Winter. For me it really brings a different feel, it's...

By: Andrew Holcombe This year is a special one for me as its my first one back on my road to recovering from a herniated disc. It's been super fun to be a part of everything again and I can't wait to fire out of that start gate. But that's Saturday and this is today. I...