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Brad Ludden

About Me:

I started kayaking when I was 9 years old and was traveling the world in search of whitewater by 12. When I was 18 I became Nike’s first sponsored whitewater kayaker and simultaneously started First Descents – an organization that provides free outdoor adventures to young adults whose lives have been impacted by cancer. In the years since, I’ve had the fortune of traveling to over 40 countries to kayak, and First Descents has provided free transformational outdoor adventures to several thousand young adults with cancer.

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By: Brad Ludden As we all know, strong shoulders are key to a successful paddling season! There are a few simple movements you can be doing now to get your shoulders in peak shape for paddling this year. The hand stand push up is a great movement that can be done...

By: Brad Ludden Dean was in all the major kayak films back in the day and his voice, like Warren Miller's, brings back countless memories. This summer, while kayaking on the Tsaina river near Valdez, I had a chance to hear all about Dean's life and my sense of hero...

By: Brad Ludden Here are a few key pointers to get ready for big water. MOBILITY IS KEY! Avoiding injuries is better than rehabbing and most injuries can be avoided through mobility. Kayakers (myself included) usually have unique (to be read as BAD) posture from...