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Team Dagger


Malcom Smith

About Me:

I started paddling in my dad’s old slalom boats on the Little Tennessee and the Tuckaseegee with my brother Shaun [the summer when he was 4]. I paddled the water fall [Nantahala falls a few times last year when he was 5]. I love to read Green Eggs and Ham and Cat in the Hat. I can write my own name. I can add and “take away”, make big jumps on my bike [motorcycle] and do tricks on the Monty [trials bicycle]. 

I love the river. Kayaking, kayaking... kayaking, kayaking… it’s fun, fun, fun and feels good in my heart [singing]. I like it when it goes bump, bump, bump down the river, and then I can swish around, and if I flip… well, someone saves me [said with lots of hand motions]. After we get done at the Nantahala, we have some ice cream [usually Cherries Garcia].