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Team Dagger


Scott Byers

About Me:

Hi, all! ScottyB here. My paddling career began over 26 years ago and happens to coincide with my professional career in paddlesports. As a starry-eyed kid, I walked through the doors of Perception kayaks in the late summer of 1995. Within days, I was on the water with my coworkers and a freshy Corsica Matrix – my fate was sealed. The next 2+ decades are a blur of great river trips, events, mergers, and meeting the best people in this community. In 2017, I was beyond thrilled to join the Dagger ranks as Brand and Product Manager. Working alongside Snowy, our in-house Team, and (of course) Team Dagger was truly the experience of a lifetime. So many great tales….so many great boats! Though I opted to pursue another path, I maintained a strong desire to continue supporting the Dagger brand. Needless to say, I am humbled to now be added to this Team!