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Kayaking 101


What are some my options for customising the fit of my Touring Kayak?


For touring kayaks without sealed bulkheads, additional flotation is a must. Bow and stern flotation bags are cut to fit the longer hulls of touring kayaks. Available in storage and regular styles, flotation bags will make you more confident and your outing safer.


Always paddle with a sprayskirt, especially in rough conditions. The skirt will shed water and greatly facilitates rolling in case of a capsize. Touring skirts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but use one based on the conditions in which you expect to paddle, i.e. more waterproof for colder water, and more breathable in warmer conditions.


Yes, you will need a paddle. But how long should it be? What about Take Apart Paddles? Blade shapes? Weight? Most of these questions can be answered just by knowing how much you want to spend, but the length of your paddle is more subjective: touring kayak paddles range from 210 cm to about 240 cm in length. If you are just about 5 feet tall or a bit over, use a paddle in the lower range; naturally, taller people will use a longer paddle. Given variations in torso length, arm length, and boat width, it's a good idea to test different paddle lengths to determine your own personal preference.

Deck Systems

Deck Bags provide convenient and secure storage of items. They lash securely to your deck rigging and can be positioned in front of your cockpit or behind it. They provide a handy location for often needed items or for vital emergency gear. Map Cases are also available which protect maps and navigational charts.

Thigh Braces

The addition of thigh braces to your touring kayak will improve boat control and greatly facilitates rolling. Thigh braces used in Dagger whitewater kayaks will fit all Dagger polyethylene touring kayaks with the exception of the Vesper, Seeker, and Apostle.