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Jason Beakes

About Me:

Began kayaking at age 10 at Valley Mill Camp. Jason’s lifelong passion and dedication to kayaking have led him to be an elite athlete in multiple paddling disciplines, a traveler and explorer who has paddled in 15 countries on hundreds of different rivers, a nationally recognized kayaking instructor, and a leader and board member for various paddle sports related organizations.

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By: Jason Beakes “Flow” is a state of mind – achieved when athletes feel completely engaged in their performance, lose their perception of time, concentrate on the moment (without distraction or dilution), and, perform at extremely high levels. Essentially, these...

By: Jason Beakes For the past 7 years I've been involved with Team River Runner, a great organization that helps Veterans find healing through participation in paddle sports. Every fall for the past 7 years TRR has held a run/kayak biathlon in Washington DC that has...