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Kayaking 101


Carrying System

Reposted from the Dagger blog, written by Scott Ligare

First of all a word of caution needs to be expressed. This system is for carrying your boat on flat land only! Serious danger could result in a fall down a steep slope with the boat attached to you back.

This system is ideal to rig up if you come to an unexpected locked gate a mile or two from the river or anytime you need to carry your boat down or up a long road. I came up with this system in Nepal after having problems with porters two days from our put-in.

  1. Thread a 9 ft or longer cam strap through both tie downs on each side behind the seat.
  2. Thread the strap down to a metal grab loop behind the seat. (This will be a shoulder strap)
  3. Thread the strap to the other grab loop behind the seat. (This will be a waist strap)
  4. Bring the strap back up to the cam near the seat. (This is your second shoulder strap.
  5. Lean the boat up against a car or a tree so the boat is vertical bow up. Step through the loop between the metal grab loops and slip your arms through the shoulder straps.
  6. Lean forward and stand up. Most likely you will have to adjust the length of the strap with the cam by resting the weight of the boat on the stern on a rock. You want it tight enough that you have significant weight on your waist.

With some modifications this system is the best system to carry your Nomad or Mamba for a long distance. Padding can be added to both shoulder and waist straps by getting pool “noodles” (the long, hollow, foam tubes made for floating in a swimming pool) and threading the straps through them. Another good idea is to have a separate waist strap, which allows you to take the system on and off easier. By using the seat and grab loops as attach points you can use back pack straps or whatever, get creative.