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My 1st week in Norway!

Posted: 06.04.2012 by Aniol Serrasolses

I arrived to Norway 6 days ago. I always wanted to visit this country but never had the chance, now together with my good friend Mathias Fossum I am getting to paddle some of the rapids that I always have seen on the videos.

I have jumped on his van and we are roadtripping all around norway, during this few days we have paddled over 9 rivers and competed in the norweigan cup at trøndelagsrunden where I took the first place with two good runs...The weather is cold but nobody really cares because the kayaking is just too good! enjoy some great pictures from my friend Mathias! loving it here more to come soon!

running the crazy slide of Norgasmo! luckily I had a good line and didn't flip but it was all out of control and super fast!

Last drop of what could be one of the steepest sections in Norway.

Another one of the many perfect waterfalls.