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Accessories Dagger


You’ve come to expect the highest level of performance and quality from your Dagger kayak. Your paddling accessories should be no different.

New!  Dagger Spray Skirts

Inertia Neoprene Spray Skirt - New! -  Designed to keep you dry through the most extreme conditions, this high-quality whitewater spray skirt can be purchased through your local Dagger dealer or online.

Outbound Touring Spray Skirt - New! -  A high-performance touring spray skirt designed for adventures that require the protection of a neoprene deck and the all-day comfort of a breathable fabric waist. 

Dagger Helmet

The Dagger Sweet Rocker Helmet, in collaboration with Sweet Protection, is a high-performance kayaking helmet engineered to withstand the roughest whitewater conditions. Available in two sizes, M/L and L/XL, this high-tech, carbon fiber-reinforced helmet is our clear team favorite.

Coming Soon! On-Tap Duffle Dry Bags -  These burly dry-zip duffels  provide easy access to your gear and signature Dagger styling.  Available April 2020 in two sizes:  15L and 30L.

Dagger River Shorty

Also known as the "Dagger Dagger," this river knife featuring the Dagger logo is an essential piece of safety gear for whitewater kayakers. Produced in collaboration with Gerber.

Kayak Outfitting & Replacement Parts

At Dagger, we pride ourselves in making the strongest and safest outfitting in kayaking. If you need a replacement part, you can purchase it on this website - find your boat schematic here to locate parts.


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