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Team Dagger


Adriene Levknecht

"Lil' A"

About Me:

About me - I am 27 years old and have been paddling professionally for 10 years now. Through the years, I have dabbled in many different kayaking disciplines and now I am moving more into a instructional, adventure travel, role of paddling while still racing and doing freestyle. I like to keep busy doing different things on the water to ensure I don’t get rusty!


Favorite places to paddle - For freestyle: White nile, for all around kayaking: all of Ecuador, for class 5 creeking: the southeast


Favorite rapids - Gorilla at 200%, Mike Tysons Knockout-Raven Fork, NC, Energizer-Toxaway, NC


Favorite kayaks - For freestyle: jitsu 5.5, for creeking: Nomad M, for stern squirts: Axiom 8.0, for going fast and taking chances: Green Boat


Accomplishments - 7 time Green Race Champion and record holder, 3 time US freestyle team member, 3rd place in 2014 Whitewater Grand Prix, 1st place in 2011 Homestake Creek Race, 3rd place 2013 Freestyle Worlds


The last time I swam - At “Leap of Faith” the last rapid on Homestake Creek in Colorado, doing training laps, alone in 2014. I went deep at the bottom drop and lost my paddle, I swam knowing that my hand roll was sub par and there wasn’t much time between the two drops. I self rescued and only one person saw me swim, I told everyone else though! Editor's note: Adriene was reportedly seen swimming out of Fish Ladder on the L-Dub a few days after she submitted her bio


Why I love kayaking - Need I say more??