Ready For Any Adventure

The new Nomad is ready for any adventure...are you?

We took the greatest creek boat on the planet and made it better. We started with the legendary predictability, stability, and forgiveness of the original Nomad. Then we gave the new Nomad more rocker, so that the bow stays on the surface past the burliest holes. More speed allows the boat to carry past drops. Added volume and a reshaped top profile let the new Nomad resurface even better than before. Finally, we made three sizes, a small, a medium and a large, so that everyone can enjoy this legendary design.

The new Nomad. Faster, more volume, more rocker, three sizes. It’s ready for whatever adventure can be found on whitewater. The only question is…are you?


Top Photo: Jared Johnson

The Greatest Creekboat Ever Made...Just Got Better