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Anna Levesque

About Me:

I started paddling during the summer of 1994 when I worked a summer job in the kitchen of a rafting company on the Rouge River in Quebec, near my childhood home. Since then I've paddled all over the world, and I've been paddling for Dagger since 1999! I've competed internationally in both freestyle kayaking and extreme racing, at one time ranking 3rd in the world in freestyle. My passion for the last 2 decades has been focused on empowering women in whitewater kayaking with a holistic approach to courage, confidence and skill. I call it mind body paddle :)

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By: Anna Levesque Setting the correct angle can mean the difference between a ferry that feels hard and sloppy and a ferry that feels easy and precise. It can also mean the difference between struggling to be on-line and hitting your line effortlessly. I've witnessed...

By: Anna Levesque Because we put all of our beginners in the original Mamba I was nervous about the new design and whether it would be just as good. Now that I’ve had the chance to paddle and teach in the new Mamba this season I am a convert! The new series featuring...

By: Anna Levesque I’ve been fortunate enough to paddle some of the bigger rivers in the world including the White Nile in Africa, the Slave River in the Northwest Territories, the Ottawa, the Grand Canyon, the Salmon and I highly recommend the big water experience...