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The Dagger Roam isn’t a flatwater or whitewater kayak—it’s both. It’s the perfect boat for the outdoor enthusiast looking for multi-sport adventures. Whether you are a novice paddler or an expert at tackling class III rapids, the Roam multi-water...

We took the forgiveness, stability, and predictability of the old Nomad, and gave it more speed, more rocker, more volume, and a third size. The result is the new Nomad, the ultimate creeking kayak that's ready for any adventure on whitewater

Dagger is proud to unveil the Stratos, new in North America for 2016. The Stratos is a performance touring kayak that excels in coastal and open water paddling, rock gardening, and multi day expeditions. With great primary stability and unheralded...

We are proud to introduce the new Nomad. The best creeker ever made gets better with more volume, more speed, optimized rocker, and three sizes

Surf. Squirt. Splat. Play. The Dagger Axiom is friendly, playful, and fast. Stable enough to inspire confidence in beginners but with enough playfulness to keep even the best kayakers entertained, the Axiom is truly the one boat that can go anywhere...

Rush Sturges tests the new Dagger Jitsu Kayak on the Skookumchuck Narrows, Ottawa River, St. Lawrence River, and at Maruia Falls. Camera angles shot with a GoPro.