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Upper Gauley Jitsu! (with the ladies)

Posted: 09.24.2012 by Chris Gragtmans

Gauley Fest 2012 was another one for the ages! Great times were had by all, and it was a pleasure experiencing the event from my new role of Dagger Pro Team Manager.

I was amazed with the amount of interest in the raffle Green Boat to benefit AW.  People were stoked about the one-of-a-kind Storm color, and it was cool to pull the winning ticket and award Sir Matt Redmond with his new boat.  His buddies carried him off in the boat on their shoulders!

That Sunday I got to paddle the Upper Gauley with a specific goal in mind- put together a video of our new playboat, the Jitsu.  Fortunately I was rolling deep with some of the Dagger ladies!  Anna Levesque, Laura "for real" Farrell, and Shannon Christy joined me, and I got to watch them ripping the river to pieces.  I think more than a few guys' feelings were hurt...  

It was really fun to see the looks on their faces as they tapped into the potential of the boat, and explored the possibilities from downriver freestyle, to wave and hole play, to running class V rapids.  Needless to say they were excited about the new boat in the Dagger fleet, and it was another great day in the office for me!

Here is the video, hope you enjoy...