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Posted: 12.27.2011 by Andrew Holcombe

Although it really doesn't feel like it most days here in the southeast we've officially reached Winter. Winter brings a lot of good things but it can often be a hard time to motivate to go kayaking.

After all snow, sleet, winter mix, or rain when its 35 degrees don't really scream "let's go get wet". 

However if I can get past that some of the best days I've had on the river have been in the Winter.  For me it really brings a different feel, it's often super quite and less crowded.  Often at the end of the day I find myself thinking "now that day was way I kayak".  I find that the secret to good times in the winter is having a good crew.  One that's not only motivated but aware of the extra safety issues that come up when's its cold.  It's not enough for just you to be appropriately dressed everyone needs to have the right clothes and be aware of the short days. 

But again once everyone's on board and making good decisions kayaking in the snow is something special.  I had the chance to get reminded of this a couple of weeks ago with a good rain event here in North Carolina.  I got a chance to paddle the Linville, the Whitewater, the Rocky Broad, and Big Creek.  Felt good to get back on a lineup like that and it was super nice to be some of the only folks on the river.  The Linville and the Whitewater are especially good cause you get out there a little.  Enjoy a couple of photos from the Linville and stay motivated!

Nothing beats a clear, crisp winter day on the Linville. Brian Knight starting the hike down at Babel

Getting dressed at the put-in


Mike Patterson crushing the line at Tower

One of the many amazing views on the river.