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Self-support favorite: Mamba 8.6 Creeker

Posted: 06.28.2013 by Christie Eastman

Self-support favorite: Mamba 8.6 Creeker

I had a chance to try the Mamba 8.6 Creeker this spring and it is quickly becoming my favorite kayak for self-supports!

At first I was questioning if the 8.6 would be too much boat for me (I'm 5'11", 140 lbs), but the edges offer a lot of control while zipping in and out of eddies. Even when the Mamba is fully loaded for a multi-day trip, it rides high on the water which makes it easier to handle than a smaller boat. I especially like how well the 8.6 resurfaces and soars out of a boof!

All the extra knee space makes this boat really comfortable for long days on the river, but my favorite part of the new design is all that extra volume in the stern. It makes the boat very stable, even in swirly, big water eddy lines. Packing for a long trip is so much easier with all the added space. I'm definitely looking forward to spending a lot of quality time with the Mamba this paddling season. I think it's going to be a great summer!

Great job Dagger!

Test run down Devil's Canyon of the Middle Feather, CA