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Posted: 12.25.2012 by Tyler Bradt

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico with my good friend Erik Boomer, Forge, and Camp 4 Collective. These are the types of trips I used to live for until I broke my back 18 months ago. Since then it's been a slow steady progression back into the realm of vertical waterfall running. Knowing first hand the style of rivers and waterfalls of Mexico I boarded the plane excited and nervous knowing that it was once again time to time to get my huck on.

The trip spanned 10 days and in that time we paddled more drops and waterfalls than I have been able to over the course of the last two years. It felt amazing to have worked back to the point where I once again can happily sit in my kayak above a monster waterfall with the feeling that I am in exactly the right place. Tim Kemple, one of best photographers I have ever had the honor of working with just posted this photo essay with some of the most epic kayaking shots I have ever seen.