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Sea of Cortez Expedition

Posted: 03.12.2012 by Tyler Bradt

As the snow began to fly in the Northwest I loaded up in my trusty Ford Ranger and pointed it South. I picked up the rest of the team Erik Boomer and Sarah Mcnair-Laundry in LA and continued on.

Our destination was Mexico. This mission was to be a little different than most. Instead of plugging off big waterfalls we we're attempting to do a seldom done crossing of the Sea of Cortez then continue descending a 300 mile long remote section of Baja Peninsula. Our crafts of choice were Triak's, essentially sea kayaks rigged to sail. We anticipated that the common Northerly winds would blow us along for a good portion of the journey and in any other conditions we would be able to paddle.

Once we hit the water the trip settled into that common comfortable pace of life that we live for. Disconnecting from the digital world and connecting to the real one. Waking up and going to sleep with the sun, making miles, anticipating weather, tides, and fishing for food - it was immediate clear why spend so much time and energy putting ourselves into these types of experiences.

Along the way we're attacked by seals:

Paddled with dolphins:

Caught delicious fishes:

Got in some sick kiting:

Checked out some unreal sunsets:

And watched a lot campfires burn down

The expedition covered about 400 miles over the course of 25 days - the many stories will be told in full soon the short film which will be coming out in the next couple of moths.