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Upper Cherry Creek

Posted: 10.10.2014 by Tom Janney

This year while planning for our two month cali season one thing that was a disappointment was that we were told "upper cherry is closed this year".  The reason behind the "closure" was the rim fire in the fall of 2013, closing access to the cherry lake and the normal hike in and take out to the famous run.  Lucky for me my brother Jim doesn't take no for an answer and found a legal access to the creek.

We hiked in from the normal west cherry hike in at bourland meadows and over into the upper cherry drainage a few miles below the normal putin (totally 4.5 hours).  Our hike out was the bad part, we hiked out from the west cherry confluence all the way back to our hike in spot (7 hours in brutal heat=not fun, but great middle kings training).

Our reward was to have the whole creek to ourselves at a great flow, with the popularity of upper cherry it is a rare instance to see no one.

Overall I will probably do the west cherry hike in normally and take out at the lake.  For more of a write up check out jim's very in depth blogpost.

Jim checking out the map on the ridge between west cherry and upper cherry, this is looking back into west cherry and to the start of our hike high on the opposite ridge

Me almost down to upper cherry

Reaping the rewards our hike

Jim enjoying the amazing sunset, all to ourselves