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Kayaking 101


Eating right?

Reposted from the Dagger community site, written by Brad Ludden

Ok, ok, I know that kayakers are hungry people and we usually shop by quantity and price but here are a few things to think about if you can when selecting your next meal. Remember, diet is one of the biggest pieces to training and, if done correctly, can help you find a whole new gear when paddling!

Eat a lot of lean protein. If you're active and paddling a lot, you should be consuming about 1 gram of protein per pound (of your weight) per day. Thus, I try to consume about 175 grams of protein a day. The best/cheapest ways to do this are by eating a lot of organic eggs (about 6 grams per egg). Also, try eating grass fed beef, chicken, pork and or any wild game you have. If you start consuming more meat try to make it organic and grass fed. You can also have your share of protein shakes but the powder to make these is more expensive.

RECOVERY DRINKS- in the interest of saving money, drink a large glass of chocolate milk within 10 minutes after a workout. This is a great and relatively inexpensive recovery drink

Cut out the refined carbs. Try to stay away from breads, glutin, etc. Get rid of as much sugar as you can (except that chocolate milk after a workout). If you're craving it, go for some dark chocolate after dinner.

Add in nuts, seeds and some fruit!

These are some pretty basic, relatively affordable, diet tips that will take your paddling to the next level!