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How can I retrofit my Dagger touring kayak with bulkheads?

Dagger touring kayak with bulkheads?

Many touring boat manufacturers (including Dagger, until we introduced welded plastic bulkheads) use minicell foam to fabricate bulkheads.

This is a fairly inexpensive and effective method of retrofitting bulkheads in a boat that didn't originally come with them.

For current models, simply ask your dealer to order the respective pre-cut minicell bulkhead(s) from us. For discontinued models, you can fabricate bulkheads from 3" minicell foam. (Also available from your dealer.

  • Start with a chunk of foam slightly larger than the area of the boat where you plan to install the bulkhead.
  • Shape it with a serrated knife and a shaping tool (Dragonskin works well) until it fits snugly.
  • Start removing foam gradually, test fit, and keep removing foam until it's just right. The better the fit, the drier your seal will be.
  • Once it's the right shape, place it and seal both sides with a bead of Lexel, or a similar silicon sealant.
  • If possible pull up the edges a bit to get some of the sealant between the foam and the hull.