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Introducing... the Stratos

Posted: 08.05.2015

Whoever said sea kayaking is supposed to be boring never told us

Dagger is proud to bring the Stratos to the North American market in 2015. The Stratos is designed to be friendly and forgiving for beginner paddlers, while giving advanced boaters everything they need to experience moving water like never before.  The Stratos is great for a rock gardening or open water day trip, or to load up with gear for a multi-day expedition. The Stratos is born from Dagger’s whitewater heritage, with all of the performance of a top-line touring kayak.

The hull design has ample primary and exceptional secondary stability, and tracks very well. Ample rocker and defined chines allow for on-edge turning, and precise, technical maneuvering. The adjustable drop skeg aides in tracking, and the ConTour Comfort Fit Outfitting gives you unsurpassed control of your kayak.

With two hatches, and deck rigging fore and aft, the Stratos has room for enough gear for any adventure. The Stratos comes in two similarly-lengthed sizes, a large volume and small volume. Check with your local retailer to find out which one is best for you. The Stratos will be available on 10/1/15 at retailers across the country