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Introducing...the new Nomad

Posted: 08.04.2015

The greatest creeker ever made just got better

When we introduced the Nomad in 2003, we knew we had something special. Over the next 12 years, the Nomad was the best displacement-hull creek boat on the market, notching countless first descents and more 100-foot waterfall descents than all other boats combined, including the current world record.

So how do you top the best? The new Nomad will take all the great characteristics from its predecessor, the stability and forgivingness that made it a go-to boat for hard first descents, and give it modern creek boat refinements. Optimized rocker and added volume will aid with resurfacing, and more speed will help carry the boat through holes and over boofs. And we will have not one, not two, but three sizes, for all paddlers. 

Paddlers have trusted the Nomad for 12 years, relying on its predictable performance to navigate the most difficult whitewater. And now, with modern refinements, more speed and maneuverability, and a true small, medium and large option, the Nomad is ready for whatever adventure you can dream up, no matter the size.

The new Nomads will be released in 2016, starting with the large size in January 2016